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John and Yoko
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This is a photo album page.

Of John and Yoko

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John and Yoka

I guess some of us kinda blame Yoko for the Beatles breakup. I myself did also. I guess we had to blame someone. The real truth being was it was just their time to split-up. All good things come to a end before they are destroyed. Because they were so good.


Johns and Yokos love endured through many tough times. John did have other relations while he was with Yoko (A hard thing to put up with for any women), It is said some of the other Beatles did not like her. The drugs they were taking effected their relationship. Yoko not being able to carry to full term-losing her babies. The year spilt-up. Yet through this they came back together with even a stronger Love. A love for John And Yoko which will last for ever and ever in the universe.  You can see some of this love in these pictures.  


Their Wedding

The birth of their son-Sean

Pray For World Peace

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